May 13, 2010

is it time we recolor May 13?

personally, i belong the so-called 'lucky' generation, where i don't really need to toil hard for food, shelter and love.

i wasn't even born during may 13 and to have noted it briefly in my history lessons when I was in secondary school, it wasn't that clear either. the only thing that was clear was that this is a taboo date, painted in gloomy black, not to be mentioned, not to be discussed and surely not to be celebrated about. It is a 'bad' thing.

To the general population of students of studying history, or pretending to study history, or forcing ourselves to memorize those history, to have such a thing in the syllabus is a 'good' thing. Why? We surely can crossed out this topic because it ain't gonna come out in the exam.

I am sure a lot would have stood beside me that history is simply a subject one would loooove to hate.

But as I grew up (more of grew old and fat now), I guessed we missed the beauty and value of learning history. I guess the simple reason why we hated history was the lessons fed to us wasn't really the real history afterall. It is some lessons, trimmed and decorated nicely to lead us to believe that we are living in an ideal world where we needs to be grateful because of such and such figures and to shun such and such figures because they are 'bad'.

i guessed not all good things are good, and not all bad things are bad either. Some bad things are simply better than all those good things as they ignite a change, realization and it is something that we just can't ignore.

It is like a facing a phobia, confronting a fear and solving a dilemma.

We have been running away for more than 40 years, how long must be continue to run?

Perhaps this year, we can all stop running.

It is simply wonderful to have fellow malaysian zubedy coming up with this novel idea of love,
"Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

I would like to re-color May 13, to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative thoughts and replace them with positive meanings and values. We are placing a full page advertisement in The Star this May 13 , with a call to re-color the day.

When reflecting on May 13, 1969, we can blame others for what happened, blame the situation, or we can choose to transform things for the better, to be change agents and constructively fill our hearts and minds with what needs to be done so May 13 does not ever happen again, and that no one uses the day to bring about fear and negativity.

What thoughts can we cultivate to make a difference to how May 13th is viewed? What actions can we take to shine a light on this day so it will forever be a day we learn from mistakes, a day we strengthen unity in our diversity and recommit to respecting one another and working together?

At zubedy we believe in re-coloring May 13 with all our brilliant hues, the many diverse peoples that we are, under this one great nation called Malaysia. We believe it is a day to reaffirm our shared values and traditions and rejoice in what unites us. A day for young and old to constructively talk about what makes us one people and how we can remain strong together."

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