Jul 18, 2010

Pink preparation

After a tired week, I was hoping this weekend would be a nice respite, but it was anything but. Nevertheless, to choose between being idle or productive, I chose to the latter, without any reproductive connotation.

I had some good slumber through out the night and evening, which was a luxury that I demand of in view of my busy days throughout the last few days, being an obligate caesarean sectionist by the day and pelvic ultrasonographer by night.

Honestly, I was panic a bit, in my own silence and all, when my dearest listed down some dreaded symptoms of this pregnancy – heatiness, abdominal itchiness, etc, etc and I stopped her when she mentioned ‘abdominal tightening’. Luckily, it was transient and I seriously hope it was all Braxton-Hicks, some regular sessions by the uterus to make sure when the real thing comes along, it can perform with great excellence.

I guessed I simply can’t take the baby’s room preparation at turtle speed anymore.

We went out, ordered the air-conditioner, and bought the fan and the new lights. Picking the right reliable model of air-conditioner together with the fairly-priced technician got few of our neurons well-toasted.

I was glad that my dad contacted someone to get the ceiling done as well. The old ceiling looked like it is going to crumble down at anytime.

Next week, I will be painting the room, and it’s going to be ‘pink’. My obvious rejection of this motion was denied. My wifey and son, Aedan ganged up on me.

Hope the room will be ready for the homecoming of my lovely little princess Genevieve.

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seahorse27 said...

I am with Claire and Aedan. Pink is the best colour anyone can ever think of painting the room~! I bet she will own everything pink in no time.