Aug 14, 2010

jokes apart II

Laughing Frog
I was told a joke by a staff nurse yesterday.
"There is not enough house officers"

Ice Cream
I asked another junior doctors simple math and he 'aced' it.
"Today is 13th. Tomorrow is her (the patient's) due date, which is 40weeks"
"So what her current gestation?"
"39weeks and 5days"
"Are you sure?"
After 10 seconds of 'bursting inside laughing' pause.
"Would you like to correct yourself?"
"It's 39weeks and 5days"

Yoga Grandma
Epic black humor.
And the consultants/specialists/senior doctors had to stretch themselves trying to educate them when what they really need is to re-sit their UPSR exam.

Oh, wait, they may not be able to do it soon when More-He-Didn't abolish this exam.

Who are we to change the world anyway?
The whole Heal Ministry is a joke.

The senior doctors are all stretched out, multitasking and multifunctional, and by the end of the day, even the functional will become dysfunctional and subsequently non-functional.

Resources planning are just as fkup as their human resource management, probably because the package of side-income (under the table moolahs) determine the course of it.

One of my fellow new-found friend struggling in Central Malaysia had this thoughts.
It is a chronic problem, 2 district hospitals with OT facilitites, big wards and air conditioned like a chalet more than a hospital. No pakar, no specialty MOs... there were 8 staff nurses in LR and 1 MO in charge, only one patient in labor with OS 7 cm , they ask to me to help have a look and then decide whether to send to my hospital or not? All non functioning hospitals and staff

then they plan to build another 60 acres maternity and child health hospital in the state, really close to the 2 district hospitals... and in my GH where we are totally swamped with work, we only have 3 functioning specialists, and on paper ample of MOs, but only a handful really doing work, Some just MIA and no action taken, while we run courses, run calls, watch over the juniors, train our junior MOs
At the end of the day, dengue, AIDS, pneumonia, intractable cancer, postpartum haemorrhage and even intracranial bleed are not really our main gruesome enemies.

It is stupidity, inefficiency and greed.

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