Aug 29, 2010

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And for her insensitivity and ignorance, YB apologized.

What about the people below?

Ini juga gambar Rosmah Isteri Najib yang dibanggakan oleh
penyokong UMNO/BN.. juga memperlihatkan aurat didalam Masjid.

Ini gambar lama.. Puteri UMNO sedang
membaca Al-Quran sambil mendedahkan aurat

P.S. 1Malaysia? From outside we're all similar, just that deep down inside, probably level of hypocrisy a bit different.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

You hit the nail on the (non tudung wearing of coure) head there Kah Pin. It is just unbelievable how gullible my fellow Malays are when it come to political rhetoric! Yes, the YB made a mistake. She realised it and apologised. We should just move on. Look at the other pictures of my fellow Moslem completely ignoring the dress code. Double standard or what?

pilocarpine said...

double standard is getting very rampant in our country. sad really.
we'll let the ruling coalition know what will double standard lead them in the next general election.

ACCS said...

Memang hipokrit to the max...

Thx for sharing those pictures...