Sep 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

I had seen people with a new iPhone. Just to be honest to myself, to some degree of self-disgust, some moderate amount of envy did manage to pop up, no matter how much I kept it to myself.

There’s something glaring about the major difference between the proud new owners and the long time users.

Iphone for the proud new owners definitely can’t stop their fingers from the phone is like a newly-wedded trophy wife or life partner. Lots of touching, mostly with the most sensitive pulps. At times requiring thumb and index finger to get things to the new level. But mainly, there are just so many applications or Apps in it that is so nice to run your fingers through – some more illegal than the others.

To write about my favorite Apps, I really couldn’t bring myself to bored everyone with my choice of this and this powerful document organizers, this and this social networking magic machine or this and this jump-here-jump-there blow-this-and-that awesome game.

What caught my eyes, and my mind eventually, is an unbelievable Apps that is really kind of cool and what the REAL world would have needed.

I am sure the Digi Yellowman would have agreed with me.

With so many babes hovering around Yellowman, I am sure he had moments when he just had to get away, simply because too much of something is never that good.

Just like me, there are lots of moments that Yellowman would like to get away with, but just could get to do it properly.

Imagine, you’re in an office, almost 5pm, you have a hot date in a short while with a potential girlfriend that you got to know from the net, and out of the blue, your conniving ladyboss sensed your horny scent and comes up to you to spark off a long chat about your weekly performance and the company’s future. How you wish someone can call you up and pretend as a major client and get you away!

Imagine, finally you reach the cafeteria just to find out that the beautiful rose that you just chat up in the cyberworld is full of thorns, but you just don’t want to break her heart simply because you found out in her first sentence of introduction that she also happens to be the daughter of a underworld kingpin. Bummer. How you wish someone can call you up and pretend to be your gay partner, and let her down gently with exposing your fake sexual disorientation, making a ‘rear’ exit much less intense!

Imagine, while driving back, your disappointed soul drove you to overstep your acceleration pedal and you have the traffic police officer waving at you. How you wish, as he approaches you, someone can call you up to pretend to be your wife in labor, all shouting and bitching for your to come home in lightspeed to take her to the hospital!

Imagine, you finally got home and there she was. Your mother. She is already up in arms, to start her regular nightime blabbering about your hopeless endeavours at 40plus years old in relationships and family-building. Your rebellious self may prompt you to really wish to tell her to shut-the-fxx-up but then again, you know that you’re not lightning-proof. How you wish someone can you and pretend to be your cute but mature girlfriend all dandy and nice!

Just imagine, in the real world, so many dead-end, dead-boring and deadly situations that can be really be straighten out with a simple call, pretending to be a right person to get you out alive and put your life in good order.

No, I am not imagining. This Apps does exist, and aptly named as iSoBusy.

iSoBusy is the first apps to provide over 20 pre-recorded fake calls plus a built-in recording capability to record your own original calls, and at the cheap price of $0.99.

Fake call apps are nothing new, but iSoBusy isn’t just an ordinary fake call app. iSoBusy features 23 pre-recorded “accomplices” that actually talk to you when you pick up the phone – so now there’s no need to have to talk to yourself in order to make your getaway. For each accomplice, you can get set a personalised photo, custom ringtone and the time you want them to call.

Some of the 23 humorous accomplices in iSoBusy include:

  • Mom calling about a dinner party
  • Teenage daughter on spring break
  • Brother complaining about a trip to the dentist
  • Deep-voiced boss
  • Indian restaurant owner
  • Football buddies at a game

You can preview any of the calls by simply tapping on the bar next to the name of the accomplice. The pre-recorded accomplices are great, especially if you want to throw the conversation on speaker phone for that added realism – but the one thing that they don’t do is give you time to reply, or ask you questions. That’s where “Create an Accomplice” comes in. In addition to the pre-recorded calls, you can also create more than fifteen of your own recordings with all the same options for customization available to you. Create an accomplice is also especially useful if the voice artist accents used in the pre-recorded don’t match up with the area that you’re from.

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