Sep 25, 2010

please quit the number game

whenever the government trying to push through a new medical school, more for economic benefits rather than health benefits, everyone in the fraternity went up in arms, because there are simply too many doctors around. And the whole fraternity ends up being squeezed into a very very tight corner for something that the government trying to play - the number games.

And sad to say, by now or probably in the near future, the whole idea of sitting together for a mortality or morbidity review would be a farking waste of time, because at the end of the day, you'll recognize this is wrong that is wrong. But the fundamental problem that keep repeating itself like an old record is the failure of communication between the house officer or inefficiency of the junior medical officer. If you don't believe me, take this two reasons and apply it in any case of screwed-up, it will fit in perfectly in probably 99percent of time. If it doesn't, it's God's will. Probably should bring God out of it.

Then the whole discussion will go to the 'ways to improve' (Langkah mengatasi) and probably will end up something like increase house officer training and send medical officers to courses. But forgetting that the fundamental thing that the suboptimal house officers are missing are those from their medical school and as for the suboptimal medical officers, with regrets, your housemanship training had been thoroughly screwed up by the Ministry by diluting your training opportunities. Enjoying your free time (when working) during your housemanship time will probably lead you a whole world of suffering later. This is a golden advice. Platinum, maybe.

The ministry can probably keep up their 'keeping-an-eye-blind' act, but the number game will lead to nowhere.
epic fail photos - Question FAIL
It is not about how many shots or strokes you have, it's about satisfying a good and safe public healthcare.

Nuff' said.

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