Oct 14, 2010

funny friday | peace and war

Everyone knows this.

the peace sign.


but reverse it's something else. Kind of amusing seeing so many of my friends sporting them at graduation, casual lunch or even in wedding photo.

Probably ignorance is bliss.

Here's what Oscar Wilde said about it:

"I'm not sure how it's different from the forwards version, but it still gives me an erection"

While an artist painted it:


Historian believes:

This sign is from the time when English bowmen were feared all over Europe for their firepower and accuracy. It was a defiant gesture to the enemy who would cut off the first two fingers of the bowman’s right hand if they were captured.
Loosely translated it means "come and get me" or "up yours".

More details probably should check this out.

P.S. Neoh, this is the answer you're looking for.

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