Jan 14, 2011

the weight of matter

after my achilles tendon repair, it is vital that I lose weight, mainly to avoid the nightmare of rerupture. I think it is more than a nightmare if I were to rerupture, it's a catastrophe.

losing weight can be a daunting task for me for 2 reasons.

first, heavy calories-losing sports are simply out of the plan mainly because my previous injury. it's a 9 months ban from my surgeon. it's a 1 year ban from myself. it's a probably lifetime ban from my dearest, considering the agony that I had put her through having to have it at such a bad time of the year. talk about going through thick and thin.

second, good food are everywhere in Penang. and i mean, really good food. plus, the wedding dinner marathon scattered around december.

my dearest is the overlord of weight-losing and master of calory-counting and her hellish high-stress diet plan doesn't really fit my happy-go-lucky profile.

Anyway, I rejoiced this morning, having to know I lost 5kgs over 3 months, using the simple plan of having lower calories breakfast, high protein dinner and weigh myself daily.

I hope my fairytale will continue.


seahorse27 said...

Ban yourself from eating rice...

pilocarpine said...

can't. rice stil the best!