Jan 27, 2011

tis piggy pegi skool

Early this month, my Aedan finally started to go to school!

Not really a school, more of kindy - his first few steps into the beautiful world of education.

He was all happy the few days before the term started but after first few days of disciplined experience in school, he began to rebel against school. Not that all the games in school doesn't attract him, he just wanted more and more and more. Probably every children is like that. Probably.

He was crying, shouting, throwing tantrum and etc (what else is new with a 4 years old kid) whenever he could not have his own way - the perfect freedom at home.

After a few weeks, he was getting more comfy with the whole kindy thingy, but something disturbing happened.

He had some abrasion wound, rather small and minute, 1 centimeter from below his left eye. According to him, someone accidentally poked him.

The next day, he had a deeper but small abrasion wound over his right upper arm and one good bite mark with all teeth impressions over his right forearm.

OMG!!! Eyes rolling..

And finally he told everyone that someone in the kindy bit him,
and that kid is his good friend.

Wow.. talk about kindy politics...

If that kid was a girl, that would be another ball game altogether...

Looks like his thrilling journey into the world of education and friendship starting to glow with excitement.

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