May 20, 2011

little piggy modelling portfolio

Alright, finally, after a few thousands photos taken and my money well had run dry, I guess it is time to put my photogenic son up for sale modelling work offer. I did some modelling when I was little as well, I guess partially having my gene, things shouldn't be thAT difficult.

Here's his portfolio of uncensored, unprocessed images taken by amateur photographers with the semi pro camera.

natural sly laugh at the close up

cool, 'come challenge me' look

the 'oh my god, u saw me!' look

see no evil...

taste no evil...

smell no evil...

the 'twilight saga' look

naturally... natural...

down angle shot

Finally, on cloud nine, after session completed

Model: Aedan
Manager: Mrs Pilo
Age: 4 years old and 1 day (At the day of the session - 27 April 2011)
Place: Garden outside First World Hotel, Genting Highlands
Camera: Canon G10
Photographer: Pilo & Mrs. Pilo
Style coordinator: Mrs Pilo
Pose coordinator: Pilo

Green and Jeans Jacket, sponsored by Aunt TKM
Jeans long trousers & 'Nike' shoe, sponsored by Mrs Pilo
Undergarments - not applicable

Those who are seriously considering hiring him for any modelling, please leave a comment.
Details can be discussed later.
Please book early to avoid disappointment.


serena said...

cute kid but.. modeling in the GENES?.. maybe chances will be higher without it? :D HAHAHAHAHAHA gd luck!

pilocarpine said...

technically it is not genes, because I have done any PCR to isolate them yet.. but i guess he has strong family history... because I did modeled when I was small and also got 3rd place in a catwalk competition.. =)

fibrate said...

Wah sounds like a family affair only! Anyway, your kid is such a natural. G10? Well done!

pilocarpine said...

yep, G10 handy and great shot..
actually, went to Genting to celebrate my kid bday, and just had this short photo session after check out, waiting for our bus to go back home.. =)