Jun 24, 2011

diabetes is a word, not a sentence!

after so much of soul-searching, i finally decided that i will continue this blog, but keep my other (much pissed, and more hateful) rantings separately, away from the public views, mainly because of the obvious reason.

here's a something new that probably everyone should update, but not completely take it down their throat as a whole.

diabetes is no longer a non-curable disease.

that's right. diabetes is a word, no more a life sentence.

traditionally, diet has no role in primary treatment of diabetes, unless it is gestational diabetes - the type of diabetes that comes when a lady get pregnant. it was hypothesized that the diabetic climate sets in because of the rising pregnancy-related diabetogenic hormone, mainly the human placental lactogen, which peak and plateau after 20weeks, meaning a negative testing before that will required a further reconfirmation testing around that time. Some people advocate the skipping of early testing and go on to test later on but then, the in-utero insults may have started already. And so, instead of sitting on the fence listening to both sides of medical geniuses, we follow protocol set by the people from the highest hierarchy.

Although all the proper medical thoughts blamed human placental lactogen for the rising sweetness in the blood, I firmly believe without any two-tailed, prospective, randomized trials that it is the irresistible malaysian food and the maternal cravings during pregnancy that could have been more contributory.

anyway, diet control has always been the primary line of treatment for gestational diabetes (GDM), with an obligate referral to the dietitians, and regular capillary blood glucose monitoring and control till delivery.

and recently, the gateway of definitive treatment for type 2 diabetes had opened.
nevertheless, to walk through it isn't an easy thing to do, unless one can be as persistent (or more) as my dearest in losing weight.

weight loss by extreme dieting (talking mere 600calories perday for 8weeks) or after bariatric surgery may reverse type 2 diabetes. though, the risks of it re-reverse has not been duly explained.

there are lots of good choices of food under 600calories, but you gotta divide it to 3 meals and sustain it for 8 weeks. that's not just tough, its inhumanely tough.

therefore to go such extreme dieting, medical supervision is more than mandatory.

one may actually drop dead before all the appalling diabetic complications set in.

11 people had done it, none drop dead, but only 7 got their diabetes reversed.

i couldn't imagine how depressed the other 4 were, being fruitless after going through thick and thin. mainly thin (diet).

no matter how this new piece of revolutionary finding may be, the cornerstone of reducing diabetes is in its prevention.

Pass Through

this maybe just another golden bullet passing through, that creating ripples but not waves.

for the full article here and here.

P.S. this entry is to commemorate the few C-sections done lately for big, really big mothers. One of them being 12okg. hats off to their respective husband, too. respect!


missyc said...

glad you decided to continue this blog, just remember politics + medicine dun m:X

from me the anonymous one who ranted with you some posts back :D

pilocarpine said...

hi, thanks yc. i assume yc is ur name.

it is really wonderful to see u healthy 3years AC.

surviving the big C and being strong enough to talk about it, it really made my predicament sound like a soft fart released in the corner of a vacant building.

there are really no politics involved, such poor management and disappointment with massive distrust.

please to meet u, miss yc.

hope we'll meet someday.

missyc said...

haha you made me laugh :D
yc is not my name or initials :p

I'm just Missy-C