Jun 1, 2011

never pull a 'balisan' on anyone

i am glad i was able to make it to this month in one piece.

the end of may was an excruciatingly painful time to be and this will go down in the my personal diary of tolerance that although in the small time frame of milliseconds, I was over the roof, frustrated, annoyed, superduper agitated and (fill in vulgarities here) and the next milliseconds, I dropped my moha to the bare minimum, because I had lose respect.

Somehow I felt like any other Malaysians currently living in this land we called tanahair. But somehow we just couldn't really take the flip flop double standards set by the Balisan. They may be all capable and well-structured mainly due to their experience and whatever powerful accumulative skills that they had in the previous years, but the contradictory propaganda of 1Malaysia together with Tanah Melayu really baffled people. There was too much of flip-flop policies going around. You don't have to look into the secret files to know that. In the early years, everyone was over the roof, frustrated, annoyed, superduper agitated and (fill in vulgarities here), and some still were, but the most of us, we're just plainly lose respect in Balisan.

I would like to coin the word 'Balisan' because of their hyper-flexibility and supremacy in flip-flop policies. Some actually had a blog on the flip-floppiness of things.
Someone pulled a 'Balisan' on me at the eleventh hour.
Not one, but a few can attest to it.

Eventually, the 'Balisan' episodes will drown out the towering respect.

Another angle of seeing is probably it's part of the greater plan for me to cooked up the skill of being patient and embrace flip-flops, because afterall, that's probably what flip-flops are for, right?

Not this kind of flip flop...

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