Jul 30, 2011

meet the pengarah

a real un-doctored pics posted up by a cool colleague in anaest dept

it's almost 2 months since the sting of the medical shortage. the poison now ran so deep, so dissipated, so profoundly rooted that maybe what ever comes in these few months to come, everything will never be the same again.

the statistics of graduate trainees coming in been obnoxiously devastating. in 3 years, it had dropped from 2 to -1. no one came while one left with reasons being openly obvious to everyone except to those who chose not to believe it, continued with their impervious hallucination or just simply accepted as fated by god or any higher beings.

new bloods were injected into the fellowship, but morals, interest, enthusiasm continued to wane. they were being deceived into a short voluntary charity service, only to be found themselves stuck in their self-proclaimed hell. the plot thickened, especially when contradictory decisions reared its ugliest head. they found themselves gasping for the air of escape.

while the rest got more weary, wasted and worn, as we're all expected to be totipotent and multipotent. at times, i was being put in a position with antithetic and conflicting crossfires.

as suggested by the most experienced, we placed ourselves in a very shallow, desperate and pathetic position, pleading for our sanity, health and life to the one person that could be our savior.

as the dialogue went past the long list of manpower with the imaginary names without a contributory soul being crossed out one after another, there were sighs all around, as well as the look of complete surprise.

"well, i really, really didn't know. there were complaints from specialists from this and that department of shortage, but there aren't any so far from your department. as i look out this window, to the maternity hospital below, i always thought you all a happy family there."

promises were flying on the air as the conversation exasperated into extravagance, ridiculing our current predicament as the calm before the storm of medical officer glut.

"in times to come, there will be so many of you, that you'll will come to beg me to stop sending anymore to the department."

my mind only able to retain this two profound statements, for several reasons mainly because they gave a clear picture of things now and beyond.

as for now, it's all que sera sera. a painful sorrowful song, nonetheless...

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