Jul 18, 2011

'Tung Shin Drs, live not in fear' by Willing Shaking-Spear

Shall we fear when Truth becomes inconvenient?
Or shall we fear to speak when untruth surrounds us?
Shall we fear the law which is to protect all?
Or shall we fear to act and let lawlessness rule?

Shall we fear to change for it is uncomfortable?
Or shall we not join the forces that make change possible?
Today, fear bridles your love for peace.
Your yearning for freedom is but a dream.

You fear to walk, less your life be snatched.
The street you once loved is now your fear.
You fear to complain for it puts you in a spot.
You fear to stop wrongs for it shows you weak.

You fear the law for it protects not all.
Your fear the halls of justice and the shadows behind the wall.
Eventually, the fear you fear consumes you all. Leaves your body empty of spirit and soul.
You become nothing but a falling leaf,

To be swept away into darkness like a rotting heap
Of broken men without hope or love,
Grovelling for crumbs from the master's table.
You fear other voices,

Because it tells the truth.
You fear the truth for it foretells your lies.
You fear to speak without a spin.
Your tolerance for truth has just gone thin.

Power you use to suppress the truth.
The cells of history have many good men.
Who one day will appear to unlock the secrets,
That you so tenderly keep from the streets.

Doctors fear not when you are right.
Speak the truth and bring on the light.
Fear not the fear, where darkness hides.
You heal sometimes but never shall harm.

To comfort always those in need.
What gives you the strength is that you are right.
Join hands together for the fight.
For better care and patient's rights.
This poem is dedicated to the 11 doctors at Tung Shin Hospital who have come forward to speak the truth about the July 9 incident.

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