Aug 25, 2011

leaning towards lina

snippets from operating theater

there's this white board in every theater that had to be stated the vital main details of op and the team members involved. If not mistaken, it was being known as the white board of SSSL (Safe Surgery Saves Lives), mainly saving the patients by avoiding cutting the wrong patients and saving the surgeon's livelihood, too.

I didn't know what was going through the mind of my house officer as she wrote there in the board...
"Anaesthetist: Lina Teoh"

And the anaesthetist-in-charge with rather similar name stood there, eyes fixed on that part of the board, stunned for 20 seconds minimum. Behind the face mask, I couldn't tell whether she was smiling, dropping her jaw or just smirking.

But I had to turn around and held my bursting laughter, suppressing them into simple heavy breathing.

I asked the house officer. "Hey, do you know who is Lina Teoh?"

"I think so. Miss Malaysia, right?"

"Then... "

"Oh, not her ah? OK, I go re-write it."

Laughing behind my mask, "There is no one in this whole hospital named Lina Teoh."

"Hey, don't laugh lar. Anyway, she's prettier than Lina Teoh?"

"Yeah, good way to cover your silliness."

That really made my day. Really.


Anonymous said...

hi pilocarpine! i stumbled upon your blog once again after many years (used to enjoy reading as medical student), only to find out that i actually know you and you were once my boss! great blog, keep it up!

from someone who were once under your supervision

pilocarpine said...

'used to'... *sob *sob...

btw, i was never at the level of boss... u think u got the wrong guy...

Anonymous said...

I thought anyone more superior is consider "boss"? I am sure you have batches and batches of house officers? :D

pilocarpine said...

batches and sound like i'm an ancient guy d... nope, HOD is boss... the rest aren't. i subscribe to this principle.

do tell me who u are, in real life, anonymous equals psychotic paedophilic stalker. =P