Oct 23, 2011

genevieve's baby steps

Found this somewhere in fb...

Teens: you have all the time and energy, but no money.
Workers: You have all the energy and money, but no time.
Oldies: You have all the time and money, but no energy.

Lesson: Enjoy life and all the things you have at the moment because you can't have everything all at once.
The above is profoundly true, but i believe the lesson is lame and perhaps, a bit too gay.

Here's what i think the lesson should be.
Now, all you need is to find ways to have money when you're a teen (probably by doing some part time jobs), to have more time when you're a workers (probably choose a more flexible work) and to have more energy when you're getting old (probably by staying healthy when you're younger and stop breeding by then).
As for now, I think I need to think of more strategies to increase my 'time', so that I can have everything all at once at a perfect balance.

After a busy day at work, breathlessly working, taking care of the whole gynaecological subsection of the departmental service, it really make me wonder. The discrepancy between the real and allocated manpower served only as a deception, deceiving themselves of the fairness, justice and equality that were never there at any point of time. Sleeping better at night doesn't mean that hurricane is not hitting that other part of neighbourhood.

Anyway, I guessed i had busier days. Many years ago, I was so busy that I missed my son's first few independent steps. I only can see them re-played in a poorly-recorded video using my wife's handphone. It was a consolation of a bliss for a father. Now, even closing my eyes, I can imagine that short vids clip from start to end, every details and sound.

Nevertheless, after a busy day at work, I felt rejuvenated, watching my daughter's first few independent steps. Slow and slightly limping, but she was walking steadily for 5 steps before hugging me at the end, and followed by loud applause by everyone at home.

Now, I can proudly say: I was there. Live action!

I believe I will need more 'time' in life to be present for all those great moments in all the people dearest to me.


missyc said...

its true.. enjoy today as its a Present

fibrate said...

Yeah, your kids won't care if you had 100 publications or held the fastest skin to skin time. I say, family first :)