Nov 22, 2011

genevieve's body parts

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
Robert Frost

genevieve's development milestone has been rather weird so far. at 15months, she able to walk independently, yet her speech just barely able to go over 'papa', 'mama' and 'nennen' (milk).

funnier thing was few months back, no matter how much I tried to teach her to greet me 'papa', she wouldn't say it and just echoed back with 'mama'.

But now, it is completely different. Whenever asked to greet 'mama', she would first sheepishly Align Centersmile and cry out loud 'papa'.

then she started to learn about various parts of the body.

when asked about...
the eyes, she would cover her right eye with her hand
the nose, she would blow out air from the nose as hard as possible
the mouth, her index finger would point to the angle of her mouth
the hair, she would rub her hair
the ear, she would grab her ear
the hand, she would shake her whole arm
the leg, she would be wobble her leg in the sitting position
just recently, she learnt about beard when I had a few weeks of look with a goatee and beard.
whenever asked about beard, she would rub her chin

recently, as we went through the whole ritual of going through the body parts with genevieve, she was busy strolling in circles.

as we asked about the leg, she pinched the baby fat over the upper third of her right thigh with her right hand and trying to shake her right leg in the standing position.

in her annoying state of not being able to fully demonstrate, life goes on.

she appeared truly comical and we all burst into laughters.

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