Feb 5, 2012

Bracht's vaginal breech delivery

Bracht’s simple, efficient, and effective method: the breech was allowed to deliver spontaneously to the umbilicus without push or pull. The knee-extended legs of the flexed breech were not brought down. The body and extended legs were then grasped in both hands, with the fingers around the lower back and the thumbs around the posterior aspect of the thighs, while the upward and anterior rotation of the body was maintained. When the anterior rotation was nearly complete the baby’s body was held, not pressed, against the mother’s symphysis using only a force equivalent to the weight of that portion of the baby already born. The mere maintenance of this position, added to the uterine contractions and, if necessary, gentle suprapubic pressure by an assistant, allowed the baby’s head to deliver spontaneously in full extension. They noted that a reasonable degree of cooperation and minimum use of anaesthesia were essential prerequisites.
  Figure 2

Too bad. No recent data on safety and complications.
Here's a teaching video of safe delivery of breech.

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