Feb 8, 2012

contraceptive 'failure'

Pimped this case from here.

27-year-old lady presented with persistent cough, sputum and fever for the preceding six months. Inspite of trials with antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis treatment for the preceeding four months, her symptoms did not improve.

A subsequent chest radiograph showed non-homogeneous collapse-consolidation of right upper lobe.

Videobronchoscopy revealed an inverted bag like structure in right upper lobe bronchus and rigid bronchoscopic removal with biopsy forceps confirmed

- the presence of a condom.

Detailed retrospective history also confirmed accidental inhalation of the condom during fellatio.

Reference: Arya CL, Gupta R, Arora VK. Accidental condom inhalation. Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci. 2004 Jan-Mar;46(1):55-8. [PMID: 14870871][PDF]

Hiding important part of history may just lead to higher morbidity or mortality and not to mention, wasted a whole shebang of clinical treatments.

In my real life encounter, if not for the timely intervention, the misleading lady may have died intraoperatively. Postoperatively, her life partner smiling away while correcting his part of history which had misled us, was classified as an educated jerk, even by my standard of tolerance for stupidity.

Honesty may not always be the best policy, but dishonesty may be fatal at times.

Full disclosure and honesty is recommended especially in the matter of life and death.

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