Feb 18, 2012

Thumbs down debate

The event: Debate between CSL vs LGE

My comment: Downright thumbs down

Just before the debate, someone close to me (not disclosing who, just in case, many people got upset and amok) commented:

So today, there will be a big debate between
a kam tan (ex-convict) and a ham sap lou (pervert).

Always a good sense of humor with this fella.

I didn't go all the way to watch in the big screen of live telecast, but I just sat down there beside my 12 years old radio and tuned in to 988 radio station. I hiked up the volume a bit, sitting there attentively, like how the downtrodden people in the movie waiting to hear the speech by John Connor.

If credits is to be given is for the both speakers who is English-educated to be speaking fluent Mandarin. Somehow such profile befits me and I was wondering whether I should consider dipping my toes into politics. Being in the clean field together with LGE and all.

Second thumb up would be for the moderator who is clearly unbias and moderates at his best.

The letdown of this debate would be some areas of unsubstantiated discussion by the both speakers. Both trying to run down each others with dramatic escalation of issues and both actively campaigning about their pledge. If you mentioned it once or twice, you're forgiven, but please don't keep repeating the bloody point.

If we want to know what is the past, we can search the internet. Thank you.
But what going through your mind, we may need Prof X Xavier, or this kind of debate.

Some major issues for the future like finances, business, industrial development, healthcare and education should be discussed in a more constructive way, instead of criticizing the past of this and that not being done and boasting about what the party had achieved previously.

The questions session by the public was the worst of all. It is not even questions.

And the people who asked them obviously require karyotyping for aberrant chromosomes to account for the subnormal mentality.

I believe the expert from both parties should screen through those questions before letting them out for the Speakers to answer. Karyotyping at that point may take too long.

Overall, I am disappointed by this debate for it's lack of substance but enjoy its value in entertainment.

P.S. By CSL's referendum: it's a debate between a 60 years old with a 3 1/2 years old. Like my father debating with my son. Interesting.

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