Feb 14, 2012

Pilo's 5 Types of V-Day On Call Doctor

At some point of time, I realized that to be using the term girl/boyfriend and husband loosely may not be politically-correct, especially at other part of the world where being married isn't synonymous to being together or vice versa. Thus, it would be appropriate to address our other half as partner.

I brought up and discussed this '5 types' of people last year with someone - a single and available Indian guy house officer with the sexiest voice. He was on call on last Valentine, simply because he was in the '5 Types'. And as I was wondering whether he's also on call today (not a good thing to be thinking of another guy during Valentine), I think not, because house officers no longer have on calls.

Here are the Pilo's 5 types of On Call doctors:

1. No partner
- no date, hate the cynical stare, making work as the love of his/her life.

2. Too many partners
- can't date all in one single day, better let work be the ultimate excuse.

3. Too loving/long term with partner
- either the steam had already iced down or the steam is hotter than ever everyday.

4. Partner also on call
- having the delusional idea of having lovely 'Valentine' on call.

5. Forced to be on call
- frequently happens, especially if you're at the lower hierarchy,
or all you're the only sacrifice as you're the only exception to the couple charade.
- or you refused to be SHO giving the excuse that you need more time to go for 'dating'.

Happy Valentine's Day...

Here's the perception on Doctors..


P.S. My dearest made the most wonderful V-Day cake for me.
I named it Dragon Valentine Grape-Mango, Lite Cheese, Fresh Cream Stripey Cake. Sei Mei!


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