Apr 13, 2012


2 days ago.

Public holiday.

New Agong's Day.

It was a lazy day that I decided to be diligent. 
Sort of dumb and inappropriate, I think.
I should be sleeping soundly after 3 hours of almost non-stop badminton in the morning.

It was more exhausting than usual, thanks to a few friends who 'let go of airplane' last minute.

I was sorting out my drawers which is piling up with a few mountains of important documents.
Fan was blowing behind me. Not oscillating as I was alone in the room.

After 2 hours of digging through the stacks, I suddenly felt my chair swayed slightly to the left and right.
Michael Buble's song came into mind.

It feels like earthquake, it shakes like earthquake, it spins like earthquake.
But can't really say that it's definitely an earthquake.

I went out of the room, on my feet. The spinning was less, but the 'vertigo' persisted.

I was wondering whether it was my wife on hoola hoops upstairs.
I asked her when she came down. She was on hoola hoops.

Then the phone rang.
It was my uncle.
In a way, he was doubting himself, too and wanted our confirmation of the moving earth.

Next, it was my colleague's text, stating how awesome it was to be earthquaking!

Last bit of confirmation I needed was to go into FB and all the reel of updates came through.


Not just real serious updates, but also dumb ones.
Like how suicidal people can be.
Holding up camera and waiting at the seaside to catch a glimpse of tsunami.

There's another fella who bragged that he was crossing the bridge like a Boss.
Maybe it's a substitute for bungee-jumping or sky-diving. Maybe.

The tsunami alert was lifted soon after the predicted aqua armageddon of 9pm.
Nevertheless, it was a night of full of thoughts about what's next if it really happened.

Nothing good can be expected from a high waves of fluids, even if it's beer (named as 1814 beer-nami)

I got myself away from this disaster, but landed myself in another, the day after.

FML. FML. (yes, double) and now still picking up the pieces.

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