Apr 2, 2012

Three Ways to Brainstorm Blogging Topics

When you have a passion for something, it makes it much easier to write or blog about it. For instance, if you're attending an business school, you can blog about issues that come up within the course curriculum. Once you design your own personal blog and add some thoughtful, worthwhile postings, you can promote it on your social media pages. Before you know it, you'll have followers who visit your blog regularly to read your thoughts.

Yet, what if you have trouble coming up with blogging topics? Brainstorming is the answer. Check out the following three ways to brainstorm blogging topics:
  • Watch :Whenever you see something on television, in a movie or in real life that provokes a response from you, make a note about it for a possible blogging topic. If you're on the go, make a note in your phone. If you're at home, grab a notepad.
  • Read :Spend some time each day reading various forms of media such as online news, printed newspapers and magazines. Think about what you read. If you feel strongly about an article you read or a headline you see, blog about it.
  • Talk :Engage in lively discussions with others about topics that spark your interest. Listen to what others have to say and give it consideration. Blog about your conversation, your viewpoint and the viewpoints of others.
Having your own personal blog allows you to express yourself. No matter what you do in life -- such as registering for online classes or spending time with friends -- blog about it. Find an angle and express yourself.
As long as you have the ability to express your thoughts in a creative and engaging way, people will want to read what you have to say. Who knows? Your blog may help you land an awesome job.


Alumnae Association of Smith College (2012)
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