May 21, 2012

Friendly fire

I stepped into the ward, flipping through the pages of the patient's record.
I wore a smile, both for the patient and to my house officers from centre of the ward.

They weren't busy reviewing patients.
It was sort of a mini conference. A gossip gathering.
Or they just discussing whether or not to follow my ward round.
Or just wait for the boss's ward round.
Just some random flash thoughts

I was paying more attention to the patient, asking basic everyday's ob questions for the bored patient with previa.

Stealing another glance.
My distance from those junior doctors seems to be static.
But there were more eye contacts.

Then, one led the other two, inching towards me.

Pilo: wow, took you guys so long. Either you guys are blind or I'm getting slimmer.
HO: You're slimmer, DrPilo!

And I steal another picosecond of glance on my stubborn midbody girth, starting the day receiving a beautiful lie.

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