May 8, 2012

Tidak tahu malu 
An appropriately add-on signage.
Same for 1Malaysia clinic. How does it differ from Klinik Kesihatan?
Same shit, different degree of political propaganda.
Give us a break, man.
Please don't insult the rakyat's baseline intelligence.


viv said...

my friend had a sore throat n cough. went to the govt hospital in a small town in perak. was seen by a HA who relished playing the role of a doctor. without even examining her throat, he ordered x-ray. when my friend wanted to know why, he said it was because TB had become rampant. fortunately, my friend insisted on seeing a doctor. and this HA, doubtless feeling insulted, told her to 'keluar' from the room.

viv said...

my friend had a cough n sore throat. she went to the govt hosp in a small town in perak. the HA who attended to her straightaway wanted to refer her for a lung xray. of course my friend resisted, having been recently xrayed for some other ailment. when she told him she wanted to consult a doc, the HA told her to 'keluar'. after waiting for more than 30mins, the doc on duty arrived, n promptly ticked off my friend, saying she shouldn't hv rejected the xray. and that did my friend know that TB was getting rampant? after some 5mins of ranting, my friend told the doc that how come the HA had not examined her throat? how could he hv deduced that she had TB? is this the sort of treatment we could expect in govt hospitals?