May 2, 2012

WORDS FOR Najip, Ambiga, Abang Polis

People tell me they're proud of me for attending the rally. I tell them I'm ashamed of the need of being a part of this. 

This is my first time joining BERSIH from ground zero, but on a splinter ground of Penang, instead of Dataran Merdeka, KL. 

I remembered vividly being held up with Gynaecology On Call during BERSIH 2.0. Despite being a superstitious no-no to wear Yellow for On Call, I tempted fate, nevertheless. My heart was together with millions of Malaysians who continue to support the difficult but possible revamp of our lopsided electoral system. 

People around me regards BERSIH as a joke. 
When I was going around the hospital during BERSIH 2.0, others would see me and ask "Hey you joined Bersih ar? Haha" I returned the question with my trademark sub-sincere smirk (best of my facial arsenal). 
This time round, someone sms-ed me "I hope tomorrow still on call with u. Din get caught by police right? Hehe."

For selected individuals, I really did not know how to classify them - naive, ignorant, stupid or retard.
BERSIH are ridiculous!!!! I really damn pissed off becoz of BERSIH I can't attend for work today..this is effect my RICE BOWL!!!! I can't claim OT .. U all people nothing to do?? Joining stupid Picket..westing time dun be so selfish. All of them should sack off from this country immediately!!!
The most probable cause is being lowly educated. A product of our deteriorating education system made worst by the corruption by the ruling party.

People tell me they're proud of me for attending the rally. I tell them I'm ashamed of the need of being a part of this.

I am deeply shaken by the deaths and injuries from BERSIH 3.0 at Ground Zero Dataran Merdeka.
Someone died, really died, and their deaths is purely from this gathering. 
Un-updated list of injuries:
1.Mohd izul Hanif - fainted due to tear gas
2.Miss Law, student -  right foot cut by barbwire, more than 10 stiches
3.Haji Mohd Zulkifri - Foot shot by teargas cannister
4.Tarmizi Anuwar -  hit by rock believed to be trown by police
5.Norafizal - hit by police car
6.Haznyiani Mahazan - head hit by teargas cannister
7.Hii tiong huat - beaten by police at chest and eye

In my mind, I would like to have a few words with Najip, Abang Polis & Ambigga.
I don't really know how far my words will travel but I hope others would help me.

Dear Najip, 
Thank you for being there to shoulder the responsibility as the leader of the country. I know it is never an easy task, especially if you're upholding your Dad's legacy and trying maintain the ruling party's mandate at the next general election. 

Nevertheless, on the day when Malaysia is being put on the International stage, you stayed away like a pussy (cat), not just out of Klang Valley, but you went all the way over the South China Sea to Sarawak. 

You're shaken. It is pretty obvious from the News Vids on you in an event with the Sarawakians. Your smile will never hide your fear which presents through your shoddy tired eyes and facial expression.
Your speech is strong and vocal, but lack substance, lack sensibility. 

You denied the Bersih to rally Peacefully in Dataran Merdeka because it is an important venue from historical point of view yet this place itself doesn't contain any precious historical artifacts that could be damaged. Thus, your pathetic lame excuse is well just - pathetic and lame. 

Next you mentioned that the government is willing to provide mineral water and food to those who participated in the Bersih 3.0.

Where is the food? The tear gasses' protein and carbs?

Finally, your speech strongly refutes claims by BERSIH and requested for evidence on our unfair electorate system.
Well, Najip, we had printed and distributed all our evidence in our poster and handouts.
Some even went all out Cosplay and all to further elaborate. 

If BERSIH is truly a bag of schizophrenic made-believe and lies, probably you shouldn't be hiding away in Sarawak and should walk right up to Ambigga that evening and showed the whole nation all the evidence (if you have any) that what Bersih had upheld is untrue and our Election is truly fair.

I'm sure that would make you an honorable man and that would surely prevent the 'Mineral Water' and 'Food' from the Police. 

With deaths and many injuries, isn't it time for you to grow a pair, stand up and hold a public, televised debate on the 'illegitimate' claims of BERSIH?
Dear Abang Polis, 
It should be highlighted that the presence of Police is important to our nation. From the medical point of view, the Police are like the white blood cells in our body which help protects us from infection. In our post-Bersih anger, Police should be entirely put at fault. For without you, there will be no one to uphold peace, maintain order and minimize the crime. We may not have seen police in their everyday struggle and sacrifice in Youtube or national telecast, but what they do is real and for the people of the nation. 
They are also under high pressure from the political chess-master who cowardly controlled them from afar, triggering their retaliation to the rakyat similar to activating a long distance missile shot.
I'm sure if not for your work, your rice bowl and your misdirected patriotism, every part of you would have wanted to join the BERSIH movement.
We feel you. 
We feel you. 
We feel for your family, as well. 

That's why we wouldn't let you be harmed, 
for the simple reason that you are part of the Rakyat.
You are part of the lower class Rakyat who yearns for a better Government free from corruption.

However, in your frustration with keeping up with the order of your Superior, in your fear of the immediate threat of being overwhelmed by the mob and in your ecstasy of having the clear supremacy of resources (water cannon and tear gas gun), what you had done kept us disappointed over and over
and over again
and again and again. 
From the Malaysian Bar,
The crowds that had gathered for the BERSIH 3.0 rally reflected a broad cross-section of Malaysian society, and were peaceful.  The police were initially restrained, although they did try to stop people from reaching various pre-announced meeting points.  However, the attitude of the police underwent a sea-change at 3:00 pm that day.  The reported breach of police barricades in some areas does not justify the police unleashing the full force of their arsenal upon crowds that were peaceful.  The police have shown in this incident that they do not have the maturity, discipline and restraint required of a professional force.  In this regard the Malaysian Bar strongly disagrees with the Minister of Home Affairs’ assertion that the police acted professionally.
Your previous experience in Bersih 2.0 should have been a good lesson that medical buildings and people should be excluded, because medical help is for all, impartial and neutral. 

Your mistake in 'bersih'-ing Tung Shin Hospital in Bersih 2.0

Yet you repeated the similar unforgivable sin, as witnessed by many.
Here's a witness account from Medic Team 3.

...As I walk towards Jln Tun Perak, tying to regroup, the police chase us and fired more tear gas. While I was running for safety, a Chinese man tapped me and asked for help. His wife was bleeding badly from an open wound in the right temple of her scalp. ...
...As I was examining, I could hear popping and they were still firing tear gas and there I was with my Medic Vest. It meant nothing to them....
.... I am very sad that someone died and did not get to come home as I did. All he wanted, like me, was to have a clean free and fair election. It sure looked like the police were more  brutal this year. Why shoot tear gas into Jln Yap Ah Loy when we were so far from dataran Merdeka? Why shoot at us when we were obviously attending to some one on the ground? Why are there so many tear gas cannister scalp injury? ...
Dear Abang Polis, let me remind you.
You have the right to be angry, frustrated and in fear, but you have no right to hurt others in anger, frustration and fear.  

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