Jun 14, 2012

Without zest, without insight

Somniloquy. Done it, without zest, without insight.

That's just the problem that I have, beside my excuse of classifying my occasional unforgiving snoring as sleep talking.

I remembered I gave the totally awesome perfect management plan through phone when I was a house officer in Medical posting by sleep talking. The nurse swore on her own life she had spoken to me although I can't remember a blardy thing about it.

The other explanation for it would be I did gave the plan but I had a minor stroke which struck out my memory in a minute way.

Or that's just ghost on the phone, imitating me. Just I could not really figure out how the ghost acquires medical knowledge or why the ghost would choose to be on call.

I Think That Might Be Larry…?
I have heard of horror stories of people sleeping during on call.

Some are such heavy sleepers that the house officers need to give him a slap on the thigh to wake him up.

Some consider starting an orchestra because the option of a slap may not be available due to fear of litigation problem due to violent assault.

But, today, I heard the funniest thing ever.

Someone actually admitted to dozing off halfway through when the house officer informing a semi emergency case through the phone.

A rare case of 'on call narcolepsy'. Incidence probably one in a zillion.

Funnier thing is the house officer did not attempt to reestablish communication till that semi emergency was noted by others few hours later.

One without zest,

the other without insight.

I can't believe the house officer did not take the initiative to find out whether his MO was actually dozing off (was there snore heard through phone?) or had an acute stroke which wipe out the speech centre.

Even if the first MO is knocked out dry for some reasons, there's always other MOs, a specialist and a consultant on call.

Is there a reason for him to hesitate in calling others?

Perhaps this is a curious case of anosognosia...


Anonymous said...

u r rite. ghost choose to do cal as it is active at nite. u r jz human and ghost is omnipotent and acquire medical knowledge without learning. ghost has their own doctor as well and they can be sick. dont udr-estimate ghost. u r lucky having one to help u.

pilocarpine said...

Maybe its Casper the friendly ghost!