Jul 20, 2012

Msians: be Jason Bourne or moribund

We are not Treadstone operatives. We should not be expected to change our travel routes everyday. We should not need to eye each person in a crowd as a potential assassin. Public safety is the responsibility of the federal government. Do not expect each of us to be Jason Bourne.

I believe Yia Hua Jern's comment above about the newspiece on the unfortunate death of a snatch theft victim really awesome. Where are the writer's conscience when he/she write and spin such a sad story...

The Star, Friday July 13, 2012

Love for strays caused snatch theft victim’s death

MALACCA: Snatch theft victim Tang Mui Choo would be alive today if she had not used the same village road in Balai Panjang to go to work every day just so she could feed stray cats at an abandoned house beside the road.

The 35-year-old animal lover never broke her routine – and she did not know that a group of snatch thieves calling themselves “gang Suffian Bulat” had been watching her every day.

They pounced on her last Saturday and Tang fell from her motorcycle when the gang snatched her handbag. She died the following day.

The police got an insight into the case with the arrest of the gang’s 24-year-old leader, nicknamed Gemok.

State deputy CID chief Supt R. Gunarajan said the gang was also believed to be responsible for a spate of snatch thefts involving women and foreigners in the city.

Two other accomplices were also detained later, crippling the gang.

The four suspects, aged between 17 to 20, were detained at separate homestays in Merlimau and Semambok here.

Supt Gunarajan said the suspects, who were high on syabu when arrested, confessed to targeting women and foreigners travelling on secluded roads and back allies around the city.

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