Sep 28, 2012

Jumping the gun again, mate?

Some people believes that I am an authoritorian bordering on sadistic whenever I asked them to write explanation letter about certain irregular activities in the ward.

And often people mistaken explanation letter as apology letter. Explaination letter is to truthfully explain what had happened and to decide whether somethings are out of hands and out of basic human capabilities. My mind hungers for the pathogenecity of things.

I am not a perfect being and at times, I did jump to conclusion, but I tried my best not to jump the gun. Thus, an explanation letter helps a lot, unless your confession is indeed a misdeed, then it would be polite for an apology to follow.

Again, there it was, out of the blue, some people insidiously attaching me with something that I was totally not guilty of.

For starter, I did not ask someone to passover on my behalf and I passover to another person myself. The proof of my communication is registered in my phone and the proof of another acceptance of my communication is also evidently kept.

I just asked that someone to call up when the patient had reached that place therefore reducing time wastage if another person is being called in prematurely.

Would have got all this truth if one would be wise enough to ask me and maybe the other junior personnel, the 3 staff nurses and the other medical officer from another department who is in the scenario.

If the issue is about another matter, relating to vital omission of certain intraoperative procedure. Then, it is another ball game altogether, because its failure is a failure of a whole system and a whole unfortunate chain of events.

Antenatally did the person in-charge of proposing and finalizing such procedure make the adequate arrangement to ascertain the fulfillment of procedure?

Did the person who posted up the operation conveyed the 'extra-ordinary' to the person who supposed to do the operation?

Did the surgeon read and understand about the patient before the operation?

How can that person who had taken part in the antenatal hospital admission review and finally end up being the surgeon do not know the need for the procedure?

Did the surgeon fail to listen to what the staff nurses who noticed the peculiarity and reminded the surgeon?

Finally, did I really took some time off to shake my bollocks or contributing to the department by organizing and chairing the whole event with involvement of several departments including the attendance of the big shot from State Health Department even though I was sharing half of the on call burden of my other colleague the night before?

Lots of questions unanswered and perhaps presumedly being answered based on assumptions.

About passing over does bring back very vivid livid memories of how I was being screwed, mentally stomped to the ground and diminuted to less than a tagging medical officer when I was being accused of failure to  pass over a pending emergency procedure to the on call superior. I did inform the office hour's superior and offered to pass over to the on call's superior but was being told it will be done superior to superior.

Nobody came to my defense, no apology for the false accusation.

Nothing beats the stench of superiority and the holier-than-thou attitude.

Double standards will eat in, one fine day.

Buddhism has a name for it - it is called kamma.

I am just doing my part to send out a gentle reminder.

During my school days, I was being taught a useful two-liners.
Never assume because ASS/U/ME, because when you assumed you are making an ass out of you and me. 


doc said...

this definitely remind me of a line in the steven seagal's movie under siege 2:

assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups!!

and how very true!!

pilocarpine said...

Dat's the adult version!