Oct 15, 2012

Apprehension of the apprehend

My dearest and me was sitting idle, enjoying our late lunch of the famous vegetarian curry mee at around 3pm. We indulges in small talks, basically in our own world. Happy in our own moment while both the kids soundly asleep.


Three motorcycles fell down in front of a row of cars neatly parked in front of the adhoc vegetarian stalls built especially for the 9 days of religious celebration.

3 plain-clothed men was obviously on to each other like football players hugging each others after a goal.

One of them broke out of the 3-men hug and jumped in between of the Kancil and lorry, breaking off the small car's side mirror.

His quick motion was stopped in the next seconds as the other 2 men responded aggressively and held him down as if he was holding the ball in a rugby game.

Everyone in the stall held their breath. Totally puzzled until they saw a shining handcuff held high above and applied to the shabby looking man in his twenties.

Another man showed his badge briefly to the apprehended man.

Another handcuff was being applied to the back of the motorcycle and to the handcuff of the 'criminal' as he rode on the motorcycle in the pillion seat.

They left the scene after 5 mins of drama after speaking to the Kancil owner in 2 motorcycles.

Not full of fanfare as portrayed by TV series, but just as effectively and without much of violence.

But my dearest reminded me that all the violence will probably be behind the four walls of blue silence.

I couldn't have agreed more.

We both agreed the police officers risk their life everyday, especially after what we had witnessed today. The 'suspect' may have a gun with him, who knows, right?

Thank you, Mr.Police for keeping the neighborhood safe.

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