Dec 22, 2012

Pain of inertia

Trolled by pain. Sigh!

I was in a sombre mood and pain score of 10 having to make the move - a change in my workplace.

It was an anticipated move, yet life changes in more than 360 degrees and my expenditures rises to the similar figure in percentage.

After 3 weeks here, absorbing whatever comes along the way, I am lucky not to be sucked into the black hole of unhealthy working environment.

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Black hole: Look pretty much like main interest in my line of work,doesn't it?

My fellow batchmate summarized it beautifully as
"It's freaking tiring like that, mentally and physically. Blaming game is one, defensive medicine is another, hierarchy system is another killer. Basically before getting the apple(credentials ) one has to get raped by everyone" 
Or perhaps my time have not come yet.

Still have not properly understand the natural history of such pathological phenomenon.

Yet, I should consider myself really effing lucky to start of my posting with such nice and dynamic team, especially the 3 senior colleagues who are always there for us, the 3 newbies, including me.

Dr S is informative and resourceful.
Dr N is funny and dynamic.
Dr Z is disciplined, pushy and things always get done - quick.

Lecturers are good teachers and sets fine examples to follow.

It is always nice to be in the junior pool again. Relief.

Horror stories had caught my ears. It isn't nice if one is caught with senior colleague who is lacking of the sense of teamwork.

My fellow Master batchmate was forced to the point of using the four letter work with the -ing suffix.
Four letter word would have been bad enough, but in continuous tense, it is definitely worse.

Now my pain score had gone down to 6-7.

P.S. the free usage of FB and blog in the hospy helps in reducing the pain score even further.

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