Mar 14, 2013

Raised my hand

Those with answers, please raise your hand

The Government has already issued a directive earlier about the implementation of the shift training system, whereby a houseman’s working hours is fixed at 60 hours per week in every hospital.
Why is it that some departments comply with the Government’s directive while others don’t?
The same reason why your university who passed you in final exam did not comply to the Ministry's standard in producing a good doctor, but instead lean on their political or royal connection and produced more calculative doctors who are more interested to count the hours they had poured into service rather than the quality of care that they had provided. 
I am working 86 hours in week one, 84 hours in week two, 82 hours in week three and 60 hours in week four of a month.
Why is it that some administrators at the hospital are not able to understand what the Government has already made clear?
Fyi, our government expired on 9 March 2013. If you care to read while you calculating your hours of service. We're probably waiting for a new government who will eff us less or continue to get more effing from the return of the current regime.
Is it because there is no penalty for those hospitals who refuse to comply with the Government’s directive?
Nope. There is no penalty for being righteously right about preparing the correct method/regime of training for our future doctors and not blindly follow baseless directive. It is called evidence-based medicine.
Are they so sure that housemen are very terrified young professionals who are too scared to voice their opinions?
You can voice your opinions all you want. Your opinion does not heal patients. Your opinion does not shame the 'older' professionals. If you're truly terrified, go see a psychiatrist. If you're not, you're a shame to yourself and your family - but I am willing to help you. I understand your fear and lack of confidence. 
Are the superior officers so affected by their old way of training that they refuse to see that the younger generation of housemen are capable of being good doctors in the near future, even with shift systems?
Nope, most had embraced it quite well. In fact, it is you and your fellow 'young professionals' who refused even to attempt to try even the slightest taste of how medicine was years ago where there's no limit in providing care. You take holiday or break, the disease/germ/bacteria/virus does not take holiday. Simple as that.
How can the current housemen be undermined before we even have a chance to prove ourselves?
How can we undermine you if you don't allow us to? You're confabulating. Read: Psychiatrist.
Maybe we'll come up with House Officer Olympics end of this year, just so you can prove yourself and earn a medal. I suggest Branula insertion relay, Blood bank sprint and Complaint letter to newspaper marathon. 
Do you think a houseman would not want to be an excellent doctor after taking the effort to earn his degree after five or more gruelling years at medical school, with such a high cost and with financial loans to pay?
Talk is cheap. Now, write is cheap, too. You want to, but you're too busy counting the hours of your service. I repeat, shame on you. Yes, you. 
I have so many questions in my mind but my last question will be: If anyone is able to answer my questions, will you please raise your hand?
I raised mine.
Batu Caves, Selangor
P.S. My answer in Pink.

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