May 1, 2013

Junior's milestones!

First time celebrating birthday at school...
It's great to see his 1malaysia schoolmates

Family photo. Great shot by the class teacher, Miss Tan.

Cute and friendly Miss Tan, Aedan's beloved class teacher

Anxious parents waiting for children to go on stage.
Surprisingly, I am the only guy there.

My boy paying attention to the MC on stage

Aedan is first on the list!! His story: 司馬光
Chinese Folktale: Sima Guang Broke the Vat

Group photos for the leading preschool tukang karut,
teachers and KungFu 校长*

Sharing present and trophy with sister.
Genevieve exclaimed that her brother won the 'Cat' trophy.
The trophy does look like having two pointy sharp cat ears.

Kembang moments!!

Unwrapping present is like courtship
- full of joy, anticipation and curiosity

*Snippets of school life...

Aedan: Mummy, you know our school have KungFu 校长...
Wifey: Really? (=,=") He teaches Kungfu?
Aedan: No lar... People just called her Kung Fu 校长...

Later we found out, it was not Kung Fu 校长 but Kung 副校长...

P.S. Special thanks for my colleagues who agree to change call with me without hesitation and those who covered my ward in my absence. Deepest gratitude to you all for making my presence to my junior's milestone a reality. Thanks!!

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