Jul 6, 2013

Target in life!!

Inspiration from Dali

Don't aim just to be rich, 
aim to 
create wealth, 
create better lives, 
create better livelihoods for people, 
create jobs where others can contribute to society 
and be a useful participant.

Use your wealth to 
fund your passions and causes, 
and don't forget to enjoy yourself in the process.

Stand up 
for injustice, 
for the downtrodden, 
for those who cannot help themselves. 
Aim for equality for all, in all.

Have a zest for good things, finer things in life, 
its OK to to enjoy.

Surround yourself with positive people. 
Make sure your life partner is enthusiastic, 
have energy for life, 
and empathy for people, friends and family.

Don't wait for fate or destiny to affect your life, 
its your life, make it happen.

Finding something or someone that/who means more to you than yourself.

Make a conscious effort not to hold onto 
people who don't love us or 
people who hate us or 
people who make us mad or 
people who take us for granted ... 

we also care too little for the people who love us unconditionally, 
the people who adore us, 
the ones who still stick around 
in spite of all your shortcomings.

Make an effort to to live healthy for yourself and 
the people who care for you. 
Live long but more importantly live well.

Make a conscious effort to 
better the lives of the people 
around you, your family and circle of close friends.

Bloom where you are planted, 
not whine about why you are where you are.

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