May 21, 2005

back in comfort of my home

  • defaulted initial ping pong match of MUNUS on Sat
  • defaulted Wesak Day help out in Maha Vihara on Sun

On my friday noon bus back to penang, received a call and found out another added defaulted event…

  • defaulted paediatrics posting briefing on Fri

(n.b. dun know which idiot joker beloved coursemate of mine put up a notice stating that this briefing was on next tues)

now in comfort of my home, chowing down great Penang food plus every now and then, accompanied my mom to temple to pray and make good resolution for everyone…

Rather annoying to see a lot of donation drives around Penang. People in uniforms at the buddhist association asking for donation, some telling the public that donation around Wesak day would bring more merits. And surprisingly, some members of the public really pull out a handsome sum of money, feeling the fabric of the green RM50 before folding them nicely and putting them into the donation box. Just like some ceremonial thing, the giver will then end by putting their palm together and saluting to the box or funnier, to the person holding the box.

Creativity was also must be credited to the ‘Buddhist’ of Penang. Now, they have more gimmicks to make the devoters happier by indulging in different kind of activities. The orthodox practice over the years would be devoting josssticks, lotus candles, or flowers and occasional ‘bathing’ for little Buddha. One of the best this year that I had seen is the devotion of an artificial lotus on a clear water pond with an underwater motor which makes those lotuses goes round and round the buddha’s image at the centre of the pond. Doesn’t that makes Lord Buddha dizzy?

Lotus is indeed a magnificient flower, which grows well and gracefully in the mid of the murky muddy waters. That’s why lotus is the symbol of good arising above all the impurities of the world.

Most penangites, similarly with my parents and relatives, would indulge in the practice of praying for any deities during their ‘birthday’ and wesak is often mistaken as the birth of Lord Buddha. It is correct but if this was a valid question in the paper, out of 10, most citizen of penang would have score a solid 3.3333333…..

Wesak Day marks the birth of Lord Buddha, the enlightenment, and also the departure of Buddha from his physical body.

What is enlightenment? Well… that will be another hour of discussion (quoted from Dr.NK Chew)

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