May 23, 2005

back into the academic world

Now i’m in paed. Posted to ward paed 4, the famous ‘hot‘ zone. Still rather blur right now, going through the schedule for paed posting.

Had a wonderful journey back from Penang with King Chong’s car, together with future Mrs. Chieng(Perpetua), and Chee Hoe. Managed to got lost in Ipoh Utara and ended up at St.Michael Institution at the town area. This La Sallian school is definitely is a marvel compared to mine, but still… Nothing beats Penang life…

Had our lunch at Ipoh also together with people from Siang Lin’s car. It was a snappy lunch of duck rice. Rather tasty but costly, still it’s worth it.

Travelling together does have its positive sides. All the companionship. All the chit chat. All the jokes. All the silly ideas. All the knowledge sharing. All the football talk. All the F1 discussion. All the zzz when you finished discussing so much and so forth…

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