May 25, 2005

Excellence in UMMC

Excellence in UMMC


just got back from ward P4.. covering several patients plus preparing a case for tomorrow’s presentation with Prof Chan LL. suddenly got an emergency breech prem at 32 weeks delivering in ward M1. Paed doctors rushed there for resuscitation. All medical students there, around 6 of us losers, were standing by, observing the procedures and learning paed resuscitation and most of us had to run up and down to SCN and labour ward to get the equipment and stuff needed. The nurses, most of them dispersed from the bed area of resuscitation and hang around the counter. Reason being? No idea. One of them even funnier - she shone light on the resuscitation area with torchlight, when there are obvious big lamp light available.

Then, 1 Dr quoted in lowest volume of human frequency "they are MS, useless". Yes, we are there… at least. Maybe this dr should recollect where will she be when she was a medical student. Maybe she had amnesia - pity, sympathy.

But another Dr was superb. She is a great leader and a great manager of resource. Instead of having us staying around idly, she assigned task for us - to get the stuff that the nurse were not there to deliver. Surely, we were not as efficient or speedy as the nurse. But still, in the end, obstetrically-speaking, we ‘delivered’.

The baby - ALIVE!!!

Gratitude of the day - to Dr. Shanti for a display of leadership and manager skills. Saw it. Learn it. Thanks.

P.S. She also associated me with Sodium Bicarb. why? P&C

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