May 29, 2005

the MS's story

***Just read your blog. Ermm…MS is an another endless and sad story (sometimes, but not always). My senior who just passed his prof exam, called us as MS when he met us, and then laughed happily. Definitely I know, he was just kidding, but it is true, we are still so-called "MS". "Maybe this dr should recollect where will she be when she was a medical student. Maybe she had amnesia - pity, sympathy." (Sorry, i quote your phrase sekejap). I dont think she had amnesia, most likely she has psychological problem. Maybe she suffered a lot when she was a MS, so now she tend to revenge it, just like a life-chain. I always think like that, she is a patient as well, just from another perception. Hopefully this chain will break someday, maybe u can play a part to stop it, n me too… Enjoy when u r still a (young) student ya… ^^, ***

Wow, someone actually reads my blog.^^.. I hope you dont mind that I put it up in my blog.

Still, I am having a busy hours in Paed. Tomorrow beginning my rounds at Paed 5. Just came back from there. Had a wonderful chat with 2 little angels there, 9yrs old chinese boy and indian girl.

Suffering Suffering as mentioned by Lord Buddha is the 1st noble truth. For non-buddhist, you might be wondering what is so noble about that. He He He. It is noble because it does exist, no matter you are rich or poor, young or ah pek, handsome or monster-faced… and He is braved enough to certify the existence of the diagnosis ** SUFFERING **.

For me, I believe suffering is not just the truth, but it is a choice. If you choose to suffer, you suffer. Well, I just wanna share something that some big shots had said and was published in BMJ (guidelines for medical student) "No matter how depressed you are, how terrible you failed in exam, how bad you got scolded by lecturers, by the end of the day, you are not the one having carcinoma of head of pancreas" Find out about that disease - it is bloody damn darn painful. Serious.

So, next time, you got depressed over any matters, remember the words up there.

Lastly, just want to share a joke about suffering… They said marriage consists of 3 rings: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering. Not funny? ok, no more jokes…

Gratitude of the day: Dr. Lee from Paed 4. Great dr. Taught me lots of stuff, and guided me through lots of cases. Wonderful man.

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