Jul 4, 2005

X Generation?

Lkp_070405_002 Updates so far:
  1. Finishing up my development blocks - spraying rather punkish blue, red, green, with some numbers on them 1 to 12.
  2. Sunday: morning - went to park for senamrobik with my dad, then rushed to go for dana with Bhante Javana
  3. Following the dana, went to hiking with Bhante & brothers sisters of dhamma to few high places - Dhammadipa Vihara of Ayer Putih, Balik Pulau and the retreat land further up from the Kek Lok Si temple.
  4. Thailand trip - "cancelled due to insufficient participant" sms by kee seng
  5. Pangkor trip - sister can’t find a package, dad rather go to cameron highlands…. well, back to the drawing board

The young generation, or more explicitly, the X- or Y- generation, as one of our lecturer called it, is a metropolitan lovers. The X- or Y- generation is defined by him as the generation where our parents were not born or dread through the era of wars, battles and occupation. Therefore our parents living in comfort, or rather relative comfort, will pour more and more ‘necessities’ for us to enjoy lying cuddled up in the lap of luxury. And the developments, the cities and the technologies in our metropolitan life presents as a challenge to the people who are too blind to see.

As Prof Lucy, my respected paediatric tutor, once commented to us that it is so common to have a maid to do everything that the children fail to do even the simplest of task at home. Imagine a child with lots of maid at home, going to summer camp, and when given a simple task of washing his own plate, is taken aback "I never done that before, I am not sure I can do it". It may seems like a joke or a comedy, but this is the hard, cold fact of life.

Listening to her, it reminded me of how ignorant I was back then, too. In my primary school, I had never ever taken a public bus before. Main transport is usually car, car, car and car. Then, when I stepped into Form 2, my co-curricular activities necessitates me to have longer period of hours at school and this is the time when I learn to take a public bus. My sifu: my classmate Wei Kong, an old friend who I had lost contact with. My biggest or rather disturbing shame at that time was I don’t even know how does the ‘bell’ looks like, looking all around the bus like a fool, when it was an obvious button in front me of me. I had a rather good time laughing at myself after this incident, and since then, I decided to be more adventurous - trying new things… correction… trying new healthy legal things…

Now, look around at the comfort you are having now, are you sure they are helping you, or they had been so far creating more disability in you?

I had a friend who took bus home regularly, but did not bother to remember the way home. Sleeping throughout the ride probably. When she first had licence for her motorbike, she took an easy ride to school but could not recall how to get back home. And guess what she did?

She followed the bus that she took everyday.

P.S. I may not be cool but travelling in the bus around penang is a sure must as one of my future family activity.

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