Aug 21, 2005

All the right things

Update so far:

came back from the Buddhist Camp at Mahavihara. Darn tired. Darn amazing. It is a 3 days 2 nights camp organized by Dhamma Study Group of Buddhist Society of UM.

Total participants: 3 persons.

Total overall people benefits from the camp: 20 persons, plus the committee.

Regrets: No first years from my faculty.

The first years in my faculty had been a missing a lot. I mean a lot. After the orientation, most of them felt the relieve, that’s probably beyond their imagination. So much so, like a mother in labour pain, the great relieve after the mother had delivered her baby. I felt this feeling 5 years ago. But after it, all of them is still lost. Lost, lost, lost.

Why? They don’t really see what they were facing. Some may think they see it, just like how I felt when I was in first year. I thought that I had found the path, found the journey, found my direction, found my vision. But only in final year, I realized that at that time, I was lost at that time, so much so, like most of the first years now.

I did mention most because I believe a minority of them is no longer lost.

Some embark on the journey on the excellence of academic…

Some just want to enjoy life…

Some just want to have a life…

Some just live a life…

Some just don’t understand life…

Finding all the right things.

Where can they go? pasar malam? MidValley? Sungei Wang? hospital? specialist center?

Do they see the way? Bus No12? Putra LRT? car?

Do they want to follow the way? or rather be spending time sleeping, comics, etc?

to be continued… (like i said, I am tired…)

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