Aug 18, 2005

TL, TL, TL, TL!!!!

Last 2 days in ENT posting. Having end of minor posting exam tomorrow. For the moment, just like to laze around, bitching about the meaning of TL.

TL is a word get thrown around often. It meant Team Leader. But for today, TL simply means "**tu lan" (Hokkien) to me. Please forgive me for being such a rude bastard bugger nincompoop idiot moron fellow today. Trust me I could not forgive myself either.

Nominally, TL is supposedly a team leader that everyone depend on for decision and arrangement (and attendance records for sure) for the team, but in reality, functionally, TL is a servant, worst still, a servant without payment or recognition. Traditionally, it would be just strange to say "thank you" to a TL. But often, some decent educated coursemates of mine would say thank you in their own way, either by helping out, or simply commenting what a good arrangement or decision the TL had done.

ENT had been a very enjoyable posting with all the humourous lecturers, except for their frequent postponing of classes. Therefore, in reality, I wasted lots of time waiting for lecturers to return call after I had paged for them. I had no complaint about this. But what made me TL, is my fellow teammates having various suggestions and confirmations that wanted me to be the messenger. I currently need to investigate further to find out whether they are dumb, deaf, blind or just purely tetraplegic - they just could not do something puny by themselves

Messenger "Don’t kill the messenger" does not apply here as I always got shot beautifully in the front, for reconfirming the obvious confirmed tutorial in ENT that I had repeatedly confirm over various sessions of long waiting by the phone for the lecturers, just because my dearest teammate requested it. If it was not confirm, I would had understand my duty, but in this case, I am really really really TL.

I remember another classical incident how a TL can be good servant to all. Everyone were seated nicely for morning tutorial, and the TL had to fumbled around to fix the projector to the PC and the few fellows seated closest to the projector (whom will benefit the most from it) just sit around in their fat/tiny ass, minding their own business. This goes on every morning. I helped him once in while. I could have been more helpful. I admit, most of the time, I am also a lazy bastard bugger nincompoop idiot moron fellow sitting around in my fat ass, minding my own business.

Please forgive me, my ex-TL.

T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieve More…

Hope that one day, T.E.A.M. could be TL, Everyone Assist More!!!

** generally, it is acceptable in Hokkien language as a relatively vulgar word, which meant "pissed off", and word by word translation meant "penis of the pig". No offense to my Muslim friends.

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