Aug 28, 2005

Entrance fee to Penang

Bad news, guys! The entrance fee to our beloved lovely island maybe raised again. Sammy Vee still keeping perfect silence over it.

To all my juniors who currently at Sarawak, busy with the Baktisiswa, I wish you all best of luck and will have lots and lots and lots and lots of fun helping out people there, learning new knowledge and gaining new experience.

Currently, I am in Surgery posting.

Everything in the havoc. The clerk at the department was absent the first day, failed to prepare the timetable for us in second day, and finally gave our exhausted new TL, Suhaiza the timetable on late evening. All our schedule had to be rearranged and for this moment, I am really pissed with that clerk. Acknowledging that feeling, I am now more at peace with myself, shall proceed to attend the Anaest practical class straight after I finished the last sentence here. Yes, here.


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