Sep 21, 2005

Pissed to death

Doing surgery now, exam next week. Very pissed by my assessing lecturer - for various reasons, alpha to zeta, the below conversation being only one of the mild irritation. Maybe he’ll stumble upon my blog and see this, and decided that’ll be the end of my career as a future medicine man. Like I give a **** (star?fork?damn?). Bottomline, I had no bad comment for him here, because the whole world around me is choking with worse comments for him. For him, his reputation is so low that one had to start digging. Come to think of it, I really sympathize him. Poor thing, going through life without anyone telling him the hard cold truth that could make him a better man. I hope after I had graduated from UM, I could send him something to tell him FRANKLY his mistakes. Hopefully, it could reform him, unless at that time, he is still stiff as a prick.

I told my groupmate "He is actually a very good example to all of us. A very good EXAMPLE that is bad to follow."

Him: "why are you late?"

Me: "got mild diarrhoe" (i sincerely do have one episode)

Him: " do you want me to colonoscope you?"

Me: (silent) ………….

(thinking in my mind "next time, when you had diarrhoe, let me have the honour,dr")

This message goes out to all my friends and people who are junior to me, if I am a prick, please tell me straight to my face, or in a more Asian way, send me a note or memo. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who reminded me of my mistakes over the years.

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