Sep 22, 2005

HELP: Monitor Black-Out

My computer monitor just don’t live long enough to see me finish my medical school. Here’s the history:

4years/LG monitor 15"/white housing

with chief complaint of generalized blurring of pictures into black and white stripes

  • first episode, no past history of mechanical or electronical problem
  • gradual in onset
  • intermittent, usually 3-5minutes
  • progressively becoming worse
  • initially relieved by moderate tapping of the monitor over the lateral left
  • but symptoms came back, I had to remove the cover and push gently a panel behind to make it better
  • insidiously, 3 days ago, the screen had blueish discoloration followed on by greenish discoloration, not relieved by the previous method
  • then, it became black over the screen, but the whole circuit is still running, because i tested it with a test pen.

Any computer expert with a solution?

Anyone out there near PJ with a spare computer monitor viable for loan (just for 6 months more to go) or anyone with a reliable second hand monitor for sale?

P.S. Idio_syn, the vids in the pc, I can’t extract what I can’t see. apology for tht delay. The vids is of bad resolution anyway.

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