Sep 22, 2005

BPH: Men’s inevitable enemy

Had urology clinical skills session with Dr. Thi Ha, and followed on by an observation of an insertion of the bladder catheter with the rigid steel introducer into a complicated case of post-op BPH. He failed to get in after several attempts and he found the main problem - the introducer is not long enough. It was a very painful experience for the patient.

(Far from the patient) He commented, "Student, you see, there’s really no pride in having a long *****." and he cheekily smiled.

All the guy urologist kept telling the patient as well that "their time will come". And I realized, my time would come, too, if I live long enough.

Apparently, BPH is an almost universal phenomenon in men as they age, beginning at 45 years old and continuing until, by age 70, 90% of men have an enlarged prostate.

So, calling all men alive out there, who still do not realize this fact, you better be forewarned. Here’s an interesting place and here where you can get information about BPH and it’s integrated relieving factor from music therapy to herbs to color therapy.

Dog_flu_1 By the way, here’s an interesting new flu - DOG FLU.. how do they got it? being horsy with some horses perhaps.. read more here in New York Times.

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