Sep 25, 2005

Major events

Deeply shakened by the demise of my PC monitor that I forgotten to update about 2 major events in Medic Fac lately.


Well, that’s what left on the big board behind the stage on the same night this program ended. It is actually the Mass CPR program, last tuesday, organized by UMMC Emergency Department. The main person behind this is Dr. Ali. It was held at our dining hall, all first years and final years is in the program.

In the morning, the final years had to practice and fine tune our CPR skills till we were darn tired, and as Dr. Ali defined it "You had to practice till you sweat in your underpants"

1st response: *EWWWWW!!!*

2nd response: *wouldn’t that predispose us to anal fistula, fissure, etc*

After lunch, we had a short on-stage sketch with dance, which I had practiced them rather haphazardly, but I followed the "veteran" dancer - Norliadi well, and managed to get through the dance without creating too much of attention or humiliation on my behalf. The sketch is actually based upon Akademi Fantasia, and I am the only chinese participant there. I was there because most of my groupmates in Surgery was there - Shawin (tall, dark and buttless main actor), Aishah (gypsy lady), Nadia (perky girl). Racism apart, beside me, I don’t think others would be interested to join us.

Lkp_092005_006At first, I was rather negative about the whole sketch revolving MAINLY around the dance, which is rather difficult to choreograph and seems meaningless to the whole CPR program. But, it turned out to be a "blockbuster" as mentioned by Dr. Ali.

My friends actually found that the dance is the main attraction point, something different from the previous years, where it only involved amok shouting, and non-sensical shrieking, and people collapsing everywhere without any obvious entertainment value.

Everyone, especially the juniors, had a good laugh at me for dancing, not because I was funny up on stage, just because they never would expect me to be dancing so well (ahem…) on stage. Ok, maybe I should say, dancing just ok.

My buddy, Tracie, jokingly asked me after the CPR program: "Have you ever seen a dancing pig before?".

"No, I haven’t seen you dance before, even if you do, I don’t want to see it" was my reply.

Lkp_092005_002My partner for the program was Choo Wei, and my trainee were Shi Peng and Aik Kheng. Well-trained. Actually we were quite strict during the teaching. He He. Pretend to be strict only.


last saturday, at Dewan Jemerlang, UM medic faculty, officiated by Tun Dr. Mahathir, MPPSR "malaysian physician for peace and social responsibility" headed by Dr. Ronald McCoy, with one of the committee members being my beloved medicine tutor when I was in Klang, Dr. Raveendran.

I guess I had to agree with this mamat. If without the presence of Tun, the attendance of such event would be like the attendance for out PPD class - sinisterly low. Some of my friends actually were so desperate to take picture with him that they made him the background.

P1020083 It is the first time I meet Tun up close - he’s really larger than life. And he made good speech about the ‘primitive’ world we are living in. He’s right. Killing one person, you are labelled a murderer, but killing a few hundred millions of people (ie in Iraq) is alright.

Beside the speech by Tun, there’s 2 striking things I love about this event:

  • The food: mushroom egg tart rocks!!
  • The vision of Dr. Ronald Roy: "We have got rid of human sacrifice, slavery and apartheid. How did we do it?" he asked.

I realized that there are "impossibles" that we can just accept them to make our life easier, or these "impossibles" are something that we can really strive to make it possible and make life more wonderful for everyone in the generations to come(sounds like an old man d), by every simple effort that we can, or at least by having the faith in it.

For more about MPPSR, go here and here and here.

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