Sep 25, 2005

Onae mai wa?

Found a japanese name for myself:

松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 明 Akira (bright)

song wei ming

The website is pretty cool, to put my mind off, especially after getting some darn unexpected question about complication of total parenteral nutrition in my end of posting paper exam just now. Luckily, Helmi discussed it a bit just before we entered the exam hall just now. Should have discuss it in greater length.

Here’s what I found about Matsuo Akira.

You can go here for the name generator site.

You can also get a name for your penis. I took the liberty and generate a name for the **** of my friend by the pseudonym Shawn Haririe

It’s called "Hannibal the Perky Spaghetti Strand"

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