Sep 27, 2005


The college administrators yet again pulled out a no-brainer stunt of spot-checking us for electrical appliances and prohibited items.

Several signs that they were idiot moron nincompoop blockhead dimwit donkey dumbbell imbecile jackass jerk meathead nitwit pinhead typical low life:

  • Last spot-check, they have it the night before our exam at 1am. they don’t even introduce themselves and force their way through into the room with the spare key in their hand.
  • Current spot-check, they even brought guys to go around ladies’ hostel. Just a soft-spoken "spot check" and within seconds, they opened the door to the room with the spare key. One of my coursemates were changing her attire at that time. Ain’t this all just insane? Why don’t the pengeTUA-TUA give us a spare key to her house?
  • They confiscated electrical items, but surprisingly, they left the cigarette packs alone.


Typical reply "Jika tak suka tinggal kolej ini, boleh tinggal lain tempat."

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