Jan 16, 2006

the eyes that truly see

no class the whole day… initially.

have not confirmed any ward rounds last week.

anyway, started my own schedule today just to pad up the time

630am jogging

800am breakfast off to ward (haven’t decide what to do)

815am saw some dr doing rounds - follow them to get to know the patient

900am still following

1000am still following

1100am told by leader FishXar La Bull (not her real name), we’d a class with Dr. HT CHong… did some short cases… my examination sucks… big time… but got rather relatively good marks…

1215pm go to meet prof gracie because she wanted me to collect signatures for our previous anaesthetic class attendance… she’s so scared that she could not get our signature… yes, she used the exact word - scared

1230pm chow time

100pm went back to room. got a letter from college - sukacita, anda ialah finalis untuk Mr. Personaliti - ooooh great, i will be the target of pranks at this dinner… hope i can spread "joy" to everyone… and took some tense of all the pre-examination stress.

130pm went with the mamat to practice short cases in ward paed5. examined several babies. the first baby’s parents got so used to the examination, that they taught us what we miss… SUPERB…. BONUS

215pm joined clinic of Prof Adeeba… got questioned about various AIDS medication in a patient which is pregnant… really starting off in a rather complicated matters… why is the drug started, why it stopped, why start back again, why didn’t stop like the first time? start, stop, start, stop, start, stop… kepala pusing.

400pm really tired… went back to Ward 5U to see whether i can learn anything from patient. just too tired to really clerk a patient professionally, and so i sat down quietly and talked to a blind uncle. I sat down introduced myself as a medical student, but conversed as a friend. he is alone, and perhaps finding the all the sounds in the ward to be a drama to him. he doesn’t have anyone around him and no other audiovisual devices, too. he was glad i was there. he told me about the story how he got blind. how the incident striked in such a manner that everyone mistook it as a joke, he spoke about his previous striving in the society, he spoke about his adversity - wife leaving, lose jobs, selling houses, moving places, supporting children in studies, and not forgetting some darn hard, cold facts with the medical "professionals"**. he told me how he loved "er hu" (sort of chinese traditional violin), how he loved 935 FM from singapore because of all the stories how great people in the world had their own share of suffering ie deng xiao ping never had any children for 40 years since his wife last miscarriage, how he deals with his children’s education, how he learnt all his skills of using a walking sticks and how much fun he had in the Malaysian Association for the Blind, how he despise wearing sunglasses because he thought he look like an evil villain wearing one….

"Uncle, is there anything that the medical people should be more sensitive about?"

"Yes, something scary happened to me. It was my 3rd day in 6E, UMMC (the eye ward), and as i asked a doctor how’s my condition, he answered me slightly rude- uncle, your eyes is blind liao, cannot see, so, tomorrow, you can go back liao"


"But a nice doctor, soft spoken, later talk to me again. He told me - uncle, i did not know what you were previously told. but i just wanted to tell you the truth. Before i tell you, it is best that you prepare yourself mentally. This is something that could have happened to me, too. I want to tell you that the nerve for your eyes is completely spoilt, so resulting in blindness. You will be living in the world of blindness in your coming days. But medical field are advancing very fast nowadays. One could not predict the future. Who knows there will be a discovery anytime that could help you see again, by probably changing a new eye for you. In medicine, there is always a possibility"

"Yes, it is true, we are all human, one day, we will also becomes a patient ourselves eventually"

* piloism: professionalism is not in the name or honor people had given you. it is in the little things that you do that makes the whole lot of difference.

as what stephen chow sing-chi had said and portrayed in his movie: "keh leh feh, tou yiu zou ko, jun yip ke keh leh feh" (in cantonese: in acting, extras also have to be a professional extras)

by this time, you maybe thinking "what this fella so free ar? talk so much to patient, blog so much, siao ar" "ok… going to study liao.."

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