Jan 19, 2006

Curl Check War… (disappointed)

yes… disappointed with the dilemma that I am in now.. supposed to blog about the dinner MPIS that I recently had but couldn’t, reason being - there’s only 2 available pc in the library, one could not go online… another could not handle my pendrive being plugged into its multi-lubang backside…

so, my comment about dinner that day shall be postponed…

i’m disappointed by a tale about a patient in the ward, actually more of a disappointment about his children. the patient, X is a stroke patient and he is currently well and could go home with children. Isn’t it a good news? if I am the son, i would be jumping joyously and pack up to get back to HOME SWEET HOME… but before no, the children wanted to keep their father at hospital. excuse being, they don’t know how to take care of the father. What the f***? I’m really pissed at this situation. The rehabilitation doctor came and wanted to teach the children how to take care, and the children refused, YES, REFUSED to learn them, and wanted to wait for their newly hired maid to come in a month time to learn up the take-care-of-stroke-patient skills. this story can really be a sensational hit at Ripley’s believe it or not. the parents would hardly leave them over with a maid, and now they just wanted to leave the total responsibility on their father to a complete stranger.

if you remembered my previous blog entry, a nurse once said,"satu bapa boleh jaga sepuluh anak, sepuluh anak tak boleh jaga satu bapa"

then, there was this friend of mine, Y, that told me after graduating and working, she will repay her parents. I said,"money not important to them, it is more important to take care of them". She was taken aback,"no, i think i’ll just repay them back. I am too busy, besides I am not on good terms with them"

Nonetheless, there are still time to change her mind. I hope so.

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